Marti grew up in Dundee and began water sports at the age of 18 when he won a competition on the back of a can of juice to go kitesurfing. He hasn’t looked back since. Hooked on surfing and beach life, he married Iona and they settled on the beautiful island of Tiree where he had spent many holidays. 

A joiner to trade, he divides his time between running his business, the surf school, and helping young people and people in the community learn about surfing in the cold waters of Scotland. He devotes most of his time to his family - Iona, Ben and his two daughters Robyn and Lily who are also developing into competent surfers. 

Marti has spent the last ten years helping Ben learn how to surf and driving him around the country and beyond to surfing competitions. He hopes that Ben fulfils his dream to make a life from surfing and living next to the sea.